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Aropy™ – Mini Espresso


Portable Espresso Maker that Actually Heats Water Fast

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This elegant portable espresso maker outperforms any other with the world’s fastest heating time in less than 5 minutes with a Powerful Battery that allows you to produce up to 100 cups or 4-5 warm cups of your favorite espresso on a single charge.

Whether you’re camping, going to a festival, or just want to enjoy the day in the outdoors, AROPY™ can make your coffee experience just as enjoyable as if you were at home.

The AROPY™ has a self-heating function that ensures you’ll have coffee to wake up to no matter what.

Equipped with a 2 in 1 Capsule & Ground beans, with a water reservoir and self-heating plate and temperature sensors make it one of the most convenient ways to enjoy freshly ground coffee with an 18 bar pressure creates the perfect crema of your favorite coffee with the right amount of crema to match.

Simply fill the tank with water, insert a capsule, and press the button! 


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